Today in the city Carolina 25.07.2017

The FAA rules and regulations you need to know to keep your drone use legal

Recreational vs. Commercial Drone Regulations One of the biggest hurdles to mass adoption of drones is the numerous regulations that restrict what drone owners and operators can do. In the U.S., the F...

How To Tell If You Have Implantation Bleeding Or Your Period

If you're not trying to get pregnant, and are worried that you might be, then seeing blood in your underwear can feel somewhat reassuring. Bleeding means you have your period, which means you're not p...

Texas ‘Bathroom Bill’ a Product of GOP Right-Wing Competition

Why would Texas rush into the kind of “bathroom bill” controversy that was so damaging to North Carolina? It’s about Gregg Abbott’s political future.

Mother comes home to find child covered in blood and saying she was sexually abused

A North Carolina woman has told authorities she returned home from work recently to find her seven-year-old daughter covered in blood, claiming to have been sexually assaulted. The girl told her moth...

A video game you've never heard of has turned three teens into multimillionaires — and it's just getting started

This past February, Alex Jafanz spent much of his 18th birthday on an important phone call discussing the future of his video game business.  About three weeks earlier, Jafanz and his business&nb...

AP: US Church Goes to Brazil; Instills Fear, Splits Families

AP investigation reveals how over two decades, the U.S.-based Word of Faith Fellowship church took command of two congregations in Brazil, breaking up families and enforcing a strict interpretation of...

Cynthia Rowley, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, Carolyn Murphy, and More at the Surfer Girl Dinner

A low-key but stylish crew assembled in late summer to celebrate many generations of surfer girls and their chill, polished style.

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